Students must be on time for class. If the instructor is wrapping up a class with a student(s) prior to the class time, students should have a seat and wait patiently, and quietly for their time. Inappropriate behavior in class is not permitted and CLAV reserves the exclusive right to dismiss the student or the instructor as the case may be. If for some reason or illness or other where a student cannot attend class, she/he are expected to inform the CLAV office via email one day before of illness and two months before if it is some other reason. Students must bring all the books needed for the class, recorder, or tape for their classes (vocalists only). Books suggested by the teacher are to be purchased by the student and brought to every class. Students will be given homework which must be completed before attending the next class.

Whether enrolled at CLAV or at the ONLINE VOICE STUDIO INT’L, classes are held at the same time every week, as much as possible. Student WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to cancel for tuition credit. Classes cannot be carried over from one month to the next whether the classes are on a quarterly or monthly basis to avoid paying tuition especially if the classes are on a monthly basis which is the case for the ONLINE VOICE STUDIO INT’L.

Make-up classes will be permitted within reason for One-on-One classes at CLAV as well as the ONLINE VOICE STUDIO INT’L ONLY.  For Group Classes, there are no make up lessons.  One-on-One Students are to schedule their make up lesson within the month and are allowed up to a maximum of TWO make-up lessons per quarter. Anything more than that, the student will be asked to discuss it if there is a problem.


If the teacher is going to be on vacation, CLAV will inform parents / students 1 month in advance. If the teacher is unable to teach due to sickness or some other reason, CLAV will inform the student / parents in advance of the class, and another  instructor will teach the class. This does not apply to the Online Voice Studio Int’l.  Here the lesson would have to scheduled as a Make-up either before the instructor goes on vacation or business or in the case of illness the same week or the next week. If a student is going to be away during the Summer, Spring break, or Winter break, or some other Vacation or time off in prep for exams and such, the teacher is to be informed at least 1 ½ month in advance, and there is not guarantee the student’s slot will be still available when he/she returns. A student may be excused for missing a class for a valid emergency if the teacher is notified one day in advance. It is the student’s responsibility to request a make-up time for excused absences. There are NO REFUNDS on tuition for excused or unexcused absences. No refunds, tuition credits, discounts or make-up time will be given for UNEXCUSED absences. If a student does not show up for a class, without any notice to the teacher, then that class will NOT be made up. This paragraph applies to CLAV but especially to the ONLINE VOICE STUDIO INT’L. It will be determined whether or not a class is excused, based on the following examples:
 - Illness or injury which prevents school/work attendance - Excused– Make-up option
 - Any absence where the teacher is notified by 8:00 a.m. one day before the day of the class – May be excused depending on the reason - Excused

 - Lack of transportation – Not Excused – No Make-up Option
 - Didn't practice for this week - Not Excused– No Make-up
 - Forgot class, or "inconvenience" - Not Excused- No Make up Option

Students will not be permitted to make frequent schedule changes as it is very inconvenient for the teacher and other students. If a schedule change is to be made the teacher must be informed at least 1 month in advance of such changes. Schedule changes are permitted ONLY for Online Voice Studio Int’l and One-on-one classes and NOT for Group Classes.

A student cannot learn music by just going to classes.  It requires devotion, self-discipline, and time.  A minimum of 15-20 minutes practice every day is expected per subject. Assignments are not excused until they are near perfection. Quality of practice is at least as important as quantity.

If a student would like to participate in an audition or has an upcoming opportunity to perform, the teacher is to be informed so that she can prepare the student adequately for the audition. Repertoire for such things are to be discussed with the teacher prior to these opportunities. This would apply to Online Voice Studio Int’l and One-on-One students mostly and NOT to Group Classes. However if a student from a Group Class would like to do an audition or need special one-on-one coaching, then they would have to contact the CLAV office and will be assigned for these special sessions to an instructor or the artistic director for which they would pay a separate fee.

When a student would like to take examinations offered through the Trinity College of Music, or the ABRSM examinations, then, the teacher is to be informed well in advance, so that she can prepare the student adequately. Repertoire and requirements for such things are to be discussed with the teacher prior to these opportunities. Students are able to appear for Trinity College of Music examinations or the ABRSM Theory examinations in the Group Classes.  This prep would start at BASIC I Level only.  If individual students taking One-on-One Classes would like to appear for the Practical Examinations they must inform the teacher in advance so the necessary registration and preparation is taken into consideration. Students in the Online Voice Studio Int’l wishing to do these examinations must find out if examiners from London come to their cities. All fees and material costs for these examinations must be borne by the student only.

CLAV or its staff or centers shall not be held liable, or responsible for any loss or damage to property whatsoever of or body injury, death or illness of any student, or their chaperone, however caused, sustained or incurred arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this facility. If the student suffers from any ailment / injury which can be aggravated or can affect his / her health, by the use of this facility, the same should be informed to CLAV in writing before the commencement of the lesson. Any loss or damage caused to the property / equipment / assets of CLAV, or its centers will be charge to the student concerned. Students will be responsible for their valuables, and belongings, and that CLAV or its centers will not be liable for any loss or damage.​ Parents or adult students assume sole liability for any accidents, injuries or damage that may occur to or by the student on the property. 

 - Arrive 5 minutes prior to your class time
 - Respect the class time of other students and wait quietly, and patiently
 - Parents are welcome to sit in on their child’s class and observe
 - Parents of younger students may review the assignments with the teacher during the “wrap-up” period
 - Student siblings are not permitted to enter CLAV without parental supervision

​ - Bring all books and practice sheets to class.