• Bring in one new student at the time of registration and get $10 off your tuition (per student) - Student MUST register.
  • Bring a friend to a workshop and get $10 off your own tuition for the next quarter.‚Äč

CLAV is pleased to offer discounts to families of two or more who are enrolled in our classes!

2+ Enrolled Family Members: $10 Discount Per Family Member

 A Family Is Defined As:     Immediate family consisting of two parents and their children. Each family account in our registration system, can consist of the account holder, a spouse, and the children. 

Proof: Spousal relationship proof is not required. For all children in one family, birth certificate proof showing the parents' name and the child name must be submitted

Expiration: The family discount expires the same day as the other discounts offered (at midnight of the date) - all members of the family must be enrolled by this date to be counted as part of the family

Combination With Other Discounts: The family discount can be combined with the continuing student discounted rate. If a member of your family is eligible for the new student discount, they can be counted as a part of the family, so that the rest of the family members can get the discount! The new student will not receive the family discount