CLAV develops students holistically and not just artistically. We do this by teaching students values, and to treat fellow classmates with kindness and consideration. We also teach students to strengthen their voices to sing and speak, and do this through our vocal exercises. Our drama technique, and work in stage movement helps students build confidence, develop self-expression, and connect with fellow artists on stage. 

​What CLAV is known for is its ability to build confidence in students in doing whatever they want to do in life. As part of the program we offer training in subjects related to voice, and drama. As part of the voice program we teach vocal technique enabling students to sing any genre of music including: Disney Kidz Bop, Broadway, Bollywood Rap for Kids, R&B Hip Hop, Indipop, Disney, World Music, Pop, Blues, Bollywood, etc. Also sometimes included is dance with singing where a choreographer will work with the students on the choreography for a particular song.

As part of the drama program, students work on scene study, monologues and improvisation. CLAV also teaches students the theoretical part of music to include: music theory, music analysis, music history, and music sight reading. 


CLAV has classes on a thematic basis for students who want to try out the class and see if they like it. These classes run between 6-8 weeks. Some classes include: Disney Kidz Bop, Bollywood Rap, R&B Hip Hop, Disney Musical Theatre, Broadway, Sing Pop Like the Stars, Fusion Music, Bollywood Mashup, Disney Princess Songs, etc.


CLAV's follows a progressive curriculum starting at the Introductory level to the Advanced level. We at CLAV put the student first and hence all students receive some individual coaching as well. The first and third quarters are performance quarters which means the session ends in a recital to give the student the opportunity to perform in front of others in gaining their confidence. We teach students that it is okay to make mistakes and that we learn from them and do better the next time! Classes generally go for 12 weeks.


CLAV now is offering a class where students wishing to do Music Examinations like:

  • Trinity College of Music, London
  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London
  • London College of Music, London
  • Royal College of Music, London

Students are prepared for the practical and the theoretical part of the examination. Examinations for Trinity College of Music are normally held April-June and ABRSM examinations are normally held April -June and again Oct-Dec locally. Please ask about these classes and examinations.


  • Vocal Strengthening
  • Confidence Building
  • Performance

CLAV offers the following programs:

  • One-on-One Classes
  • Group Voice Class
  • Emerging Artist Program 
  • Outreach Program
  • After School Programs
  • Music in the Classroom

CLAVs Other Programs include:

  • Workshops and Clinics
  • Camps (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring)
  • Music Examinations
    • ​Trinity College of Music, London
    • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London
    • London College of Music, London
    • Royal College of Music, London