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Achieve your Intellectual and social potential


Develop Your Music Skills Remotely!

The ONLINE VOICE STUDIO works with students interested in developing their voices, and learning the right vocal technique even from a distance! With today’s technology the way it is, has made it possible for CLAV to reach students worldwide. Current online students are in India, Hong Kong, Germany, Paris, Malaysia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, United States, etc. where they work weekly.


Achieve Your Intellectual & Social Potential!

CLAV’s Certificate Programs ensure the students to develop as well-rounded musicians; provides a well-rounded curriculum and national standard of assessment which encompasses performance and technical requirements, musicianship, and written subjects like music theory, music history, counterpoint, music analysis, etc. In addition, it enables students to track their progress, very much appreciated by parents, and helps students to stay focused forming the strongest musical foundation. Each level includes repertoire, vocalizes, technical tests, ear tests, sight reading, etc. CLAVUSA is now in collaboration with the ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC (RCM), Toronto, Canada offering a Comprehensive Certificate Program recognized worldwide AND the MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA (MTAC) sponsored Certificate of Merit program.


KAP (One Year) – Kids Artist Program (Ages 7-10)

Take Your Singing or Teaching to the Next Level!

This program is designed for students who have been with the program through Intermediate Level 2 and above. This program is advanced and demands a lot from students. Students work on music theory, music sight reading, music history, and repertoire from Disney, Broadway, and Pop genres of music. Part of the program is acting and movement. Students sing in ensemble, and are also called upon to do solo work. They are tested every two weeks in any of the areas of study. Students participate in two recitals in this program. Students receive a certificate and report card at the end of the program. Students must do up to Level 5 or higher of the RCM Comprehensive Certified Program and MTAC Certificate of Merit Program. Students must appear for the Singing for Musical Theatre ABRSM Level 3.

In India and other countries, students appear for Grade 6 of either ABRSM, or Trinity College of Music examinations and Level 5 of the London College of Music examinations for the musical theatre part of the program.  For the performances, students are responsible for their costume and props. Students must be recommended for this program by the instructor.


Making a Difference in the lives of Kids!


CLAV works with schools introducing music theory, sight-reading, music appreciation, drama and speech arts, voice, and musical theatre. This program in person as well as online. For more information please email [email protected].


CLAV works with a number of schools presently providing Drama and Speech Arts, Musical Theatre and Voice after school enrichment programs.  These programs always run for 9-10 weeks after school and end in a performance. For more information and how CLAV can work with your school please email us at [email protected]


Touch Lives!

CLAV has a presence in the community serving students that are extremely gifted but have special needs. Some of CLAVs students have gone on to win prizes in competitions. For more information please email us at [email protected]