Self Expression

Healthy Vocal Technique

Holistic Education

Top Notch Teaching Staff

Unparalleled Creative and Performance Experience

Structured and Progressive Curriculum

Learn to Sing, Act, Dance and Sing in Ensemble

Perform different genres of music from Broadway - Bollywood

Opportunities to Perform, Mentor, and Teach

​Certified Artist and Teaching Programs

Certified Music Examinations creditable to High School & University Education


Teaching students values, and principles and moulding them holistically.

Collaborating with other organizations to create the best artistic and holistic experience for students.

Being supportive, kind, and loving to all students no matter what their abilities and level of performance be!

Embracing students of any race, creed, color, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Providing opportunities for those that are less fortunate and letting them soar just like the rest!

The CLAV Experience should be FUN!


At the Celia Lobo Academy of Voice (CLAV) we strive to treat each other with unconditional love, respect and honesty, making a difference in the world through the music we believe in, being interconnected with each other and the Universe! Our Mission and Goals are to build confidence in students, develop self expression, treat fellow students with kindness, and perform to the best of their individual ability!

At CLAV we provide students the basic tools to succeed not just in their musical studies but throughout their lives, creating a program of learning. We as an organization focus on holistically educating the student, with a structured and progressive curriculum that is designed to work on the student's intellectual, artistic, professional, and individual abilities. We are committed to the education of the student and settle for nothing less! Our faculty and locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and the World, makes it convenient for students to attend our classes no matter where they are. ​​



We believe that when a student really believes and visualizes where they want to be - Sky is the Limit!