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We believe that when a student really believes and visualizes where they want to be – Sky is the Limit! CLAV is where STARS ARE BORN!

We Offer Music Classes For: Voice, Singing, Speech Arts, Drama, Musical Theatre, Choir, Piano, Toddler Classes and More!

We Offer Music Classes For: Voice, Singing, Speech Arts, Drama, Musical Theatre, Choir, Piano, Toddler Classes, and More!

The Celia Lobo Academy of Voice (CLAV) is YOUR premier music school, teaching hundreds of students from ages 2 to adults. Whatever instrument or area of performance you or your child wish to play or perform, odds are we teach it: Voice, Singing, Speech Arts, Drama, Musical Theatre, Choir, Piano, Toddler Classes, and more all taught under one roof.

Our Academy also provides after-school programs for homeschool charter schools, parochial schools, charter schools, and public schools in addition to providing curriculum programs for the same through our Musical Theatre, Speech Arts, Drama, and Group Voice Classes offered all the year-round. In addition CLAV provides classes for the Senior Community and for those less fortunate.

CLAV students set goals, and attain these goals via a progressive curriculum on power with music schools in Canada and the United States. CLAV students are tested internally as well as externally via examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music, Trinity College of Music and the London College of Music.

We at CLAV provide our students performance opportunities in recitals, showcases, concerts and in-class performances.

OUR CLASSESThat will Advance You to the Next Level!Singing Classes for Kids and Adults

You may have some skills in singing the style of music you want. However, CLAV will teach you to strengthen your voice, and help you enhance those skills, and give you the confidence, advancing You to the Next Level!

Our Singing Classes, Executive Speaking Classes, Drama and Speech Classes, and Vocal Coaching helps students strengthen their voices to sing their style of music or speak in a polished way with confidence.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”Plato

OUR PROGRAMSThat will Help You Achieve Your Music Goals!Programs for All!

CLAV develops students holistically and not just artistically where students work as a team, treating each other with respect, and supporting each other in the class. What CLAV is known for is its ability to build confidence in students in doing whatever they want to do in life. We teach vocal technique enabling students to sing any genre of music. We at CLAV think it is also important for students to have electives such as music theory, music analysis, music history, and music sight reading in the program in developing them holistically. CLAV works with the Community in offering opportunities to those who are underprivileged. We offer programs for ALL inclusive of all abilities. CLAV’s programs are progressive and structured moving students up from one level to the next enabling them to achieve their music goals! Our programs train and mentor students for a performance or teaching career!


  • Vocal Strengthening
  • Confidence Building and Self Expression
  • Unparalleled Creative and Performance Experience
  • Holistic Development


  • Develop students holistically and not just musically
  • Provide students with a complete and comprehensive musical education through various musical opportunities & areas of musical study, through its vocal coaching, kids music classes, voice classes by style, academy curriculum, certified programs, etc.
  • Educate families about their child’s progress and development;
  • develop students not just to be musicians but as complete and wholesome individuals
  • Be inclusive of kids of all abilities-autism, dyslexia, ADHD, etc. providing group singing classes for kids; musical theatre for kids and teens, and other classes by style
  • Provide student training in all genres of music including Pop, Broadway, Disney, Indian Music, Bollywood, etc
  • Develop, educate, mentor, and help students reach their goals in music!

Our focus is our students, and through an innovative and unique experience, CLAV prepares students for a lifetime of achievement and success. Students learn to perform as artists and we help them get there! I invite you to explore the opportunities that await you here and welcome you to our family!

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